The Atelier


With more than 25 years of experience, I decided to leave my parent company, which also bears my last name, to recover the essence and philosophy of my beginnings. For this reason, I decided to create an Atelier in the traditional way of artisan sewing; leaving mass productions, and embracing a space for customization and exclusivity. In the bridal atelier in Barcelona and the bridal atelier in Madrid we seek to advise on the most suitable model; taking care of different aspects: a dress that enhances the bride’s physique, a wedding dress appropriate to the place and atmosphere; all with the same goal: to offer a creation space where the bride enjoys the great moment of choosing her image for one of the most important days of her life, choosing the best designer of exclusive wedding dresses in Madrid and Barcelona.

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Enjoy the best
design and functions combined together

We will define the characteristics of your dress based on your personality, your needs, the venue you will choose and the functions that the dress shall provide.

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the creative process leads to a tailored unique result 

BeSpoke design

The wedding dress will be personalized and made out of your collaboration with Jose Maria Peiro and it will be taylored for you.

Top quality fabrics

We will be using the best fabrics to ensure that the dress has the best fit and movement possible, as well as be comfortable for movements.

Perfectionist seamstresses

The clothing will be made by seamstresses who have dedicated their lives to the perfection of the seams and ensure the highest quality in the process.

Obsesion for the results

The perfect fit it is our obsession. Ideal cut, Ideal texture for each of the areas of the dress. Looking for the perfect combination for the right design.

Experience our Atelier

You would live the process of the creation building the dreamed dress for your very special moment. In the atelier you will feel how the artisan process it is still performed with care on each detail to ensure the perfect dress and satisfaction. 

Maison Peiro

Our main space is in the city center of Barcelona. It have several area to provide the perfect atmosphere for creativity and to experience memories for a life time.

Spacious area to open your mind

Here we will carefully know your design, your needs, your wishes, your dreams to be defined in a wonderful art deco atmosphere.

Catering and drinks area

Flowers and drinks will be setup to ensure the proper area is welcoming you making you feel like in your own home.

Natural light and huge mirrors 

There are several areas full of mirrors so you can see perfectly the quality of the textiles and how its characteristics perfectly embrace your figure.

Fitting Room

We would also try to accommodate bridesmaid and mother bride gowns.